About Us

The story

Eyeconcept.gr is a new and contemporary eyewear e-shop, active in Greece and abroad since the early 2010.

Eyeconcept.gr was founded by Nikolaos Stavropoulos, an optician-optometrist.

Nikolaos Stavropoulos graduated from Athens Technical Institution with a degree in Optometry, in September 2005. From 2003 to 2006 he worked as an intern in optical store chain “Ofthalmos”, in Agia Paraskevi store.

In 2007 he obtained his MSc degree in “Consumer Behaviour in Advertising and Marketing Management” from University College Kensington in London.

In March 2009, he returned to optical store chain Ofthalmos to work as an optometrist in Ilioupoli store. During the same period, he specialised in low vision aids attending workshops in Sweden. After obtaining certification, he served as a low vision specialist in Ofthalmos headquarters.

In April 2010, he returned to his hometown, Patras, in western Greece, to start his own business.

Eyeconcept  boutique                                                                                                                                     

Eyeconcept is a high-end, premium eyewear boutique in the buzzling centre of the city, featuring a wide and diverse selection of eyewear and contact lenses of most famous and stylish brands.

Our physical store and e-shop employ highly qualified and specialised staff (optometrists, technical experts, sales, marketers) to meet our customers' needs. The store has a seperate room dedicated to eye examinations and low vision aids, equipped with the latest, cutting - edge technology and equipment.  

In 2020, our boutique underwent a total renovation and expansion to become the most modern and premium eyewear destination in the heart of the city. The hottest international brands are showcased alongside avant-garde and emerging designers in a lavish yet minimal setting constisting of metal, marble and stone.